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Don’t spit on the plate you eat off / Non Sputare Sul Piatto Dove Mangi
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Toxic Legacies
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  2. Mynydd Parys & Afon Goch
  3. Dounreay Marine Exclusion Zone

NGO Partnerships
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2. Mynydd Parys & Afon Goch

Mynydd Parys & Afon Goch, Anglesey, North Wales
Conohar Scott

Mynydd Parys & Afon Goch Amlwch is a reference to two distinct but inseparable locations, situated on the island of Anglesey, North Wales. The Afon Goch Amlwch River (or the ‘Red River Amlwch’) is a small ‘ecotoxic’ water channel, not more than a few feet in width, which is formed from leachate that gathers in the underground tunnels of the historic copper mine Mynydd Parys (or ‘Parys Mine’). Emerging in the lower slopes of Parys Mountain, the Afon Goch Amlwch River flows on land for some two kilometres, before passing through the town of Amlwch and into the Irish Sea. This small watercourse provides ‘the single largest source of copper entering the Irish Sea’ with the result that the Afon Goch Amlwch River is one of the most highly concentrated toxic water channels in the UK. This web gallery represents a condensed and simplified depiction of the project, with only photographs available to view.

To view the project in full, which includes a range of infographs depicting mineral sample results taken from within the frame of the image, please follow the link to the PDF publication below. 

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